Consistency and control


We deliver state-of-the-art roasting equipment and decades of experience to bring consistency and excellence to your roasting process. Our clients come in all sizes, from small-batch artisan roasteries to big mass market producers. We help them make a better product through a cleaner, more efficient process. We can help you too. 


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~ Products ~

depend on QUALITY

State-of-the-art roasting equipment

The Coffee Roasting Company is proud to partner with some of the most renowned producers of equipment in the industry. Whether we help you with an entire roasting solution or just a single component for your production line, our products will have three key qualities.


100% consistency, roast after roast.


Reduce emissions and energy consumption. 


We plan for you to succeed. Our solutions grow when you do. 

~ Loring Roasters ~

The Better Roaster

Loring roasters give the groundbreaking control to create a single baseline roasting profile that can be run at different batch sizes, on any Loring roaster, with consistent results.

~ Columbini grinders ~

Performance, perfection, consistency.

Grind your beans without destroying them.

~ reicat air purifiers ~

A cleaner roast

Eliminate all odors and gases

~ ICA Packaging Machines ~

Your window to the consumer

High quality packaging that preserves and presents your product like no other

The Coffee Roasting Company is the official representative for Loring Roasters in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


~ service and support ~

we fix it

Service & Support

Our products and solutions are constructed for reliability. Keep them properly maintained,  and you will experience very few problems. But should you need technical assistance, help is on the way. We want it fixed just as much as you do.

Hotline support

Online diagnostics and support with one of our experienced engineers. This first step will help fix many problems.

On-site support

We supply technical service to all locations in our territories. We will assign an engineer to you within the very same day. 

Demo centers

Experience our products in one of these locations:
Denmark  ·  UK  ·  Germany  ·  Russia  ·  UAE  ·  Kenya

~ Roasting Consultancy ~


Get good advice


High volume or high end? We give good advice, that gets you to where you want to be. We help set up new roasteries, advising on all aspects of the business. We help improve quality, effiency and sustainability of existing roasting lines. We help you maintain consistency when changing roasters or roating staff. We help you develop new flavors and new products. We train roasters on all levels, from teaching beginners to coaching master roasters. 

Upgrade your process

Reduce costs and emisssions, increase efficiency and production.  

Upgrade your product

Taste is king. Unfold the full potential of your product. 

Upgrade yourself

We train, we teach, we coach. Training on all levels by award-winning roast masters. 

~ consultancy ~

Roastery design

Get it right from the beginning. We have decades experience, and would love to help.

~ Consultancy ~

Roast Consultancy Services

Good advice, better results

~ consultancy ~


New staff, new roaster or just want to reach a higher level? A one day training course that makes a difference.

~ consultancy ~

Flavor and aroma

Taste is king. We help both high-end and high-volume producers modulate their flavour profile to its ful potential.

our Team

Jens H. Thomsen
Jens H. Thomsen
CEO, Head of Client Relations

Jens has been a leading innovator in the coffee world for decades.
Michael de Renouard
Roastmaster, Consultant

Michael is our lead trainer and roasting consultant.

He is SCA Authorised trainer since 2007 and Loring Smart roast roast master since 2012.
Michael de Renouard
Torsten Hvas
Torsten Hvas
Marketing & Process Specialist

Torsten is in charge of business development and porcess re-engineering.

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