Get the most out of your beans 

Artists do unique pieces of work. Roasting is about consistent repetitive craftsmanship. We help you improve your roasting protocols to get the most out of your beans within the capabilities of your roast machine. We help you integrate easy available technology in your roasting workshop to improve consistency and quality. We help design your coffee roasting profiles exactly the way you want them to be. We break It down for you for easy understanding of the roast profile design. We help you with SCA AST certification in roasting, green coffee and sensory modules from introduction to professional level.

Roast profile design

To be a good roaster you need to know what’s happening in the roast process.  How long do you roast in a particular section, with what intensity. How you roast in the beginning of the roast determines how you should end the roast and vice versa. To improve a roast profile you need to identify the faulty design part. We look at the color of the beans and we look at the color delta of the outside and inside color development. The roast color signify the effectiveness of the combustion creating a specific taste. The combustion process can also be measured calculating the organic material weight loss and the density of the roasted beans. Once we establish the for you ideal parameters for your unique roasted coffee it’s simple to reproduce again and again ensuring your customers a consistency in taste. 

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