The anatomy of a taste

We want sweetness in our coffee, a certain origin transparency in the aromas and flavors, it must be clean tasting and in balance from the first to the last impression of the product. We must try to avoid smoky aromas, ashy flavors, unbalanced roasting with eg herbal flavors and a very roasty bean surface. Hollow flavors with menthol-like notes are a result of over roasting the coffee. It’s as easy to improve the taste of a coffee as it is to make it taste terrible. Good coffee require responsibility from the people in charge in order to define what is good coffee for them. We can help you with that.



Bringing balance to your coffee

We help you reach and expand upon your desired flavour profile in your coffee by looking closely at all the contributing factors in your operation, from bean purchase to packaging. We help correct inconsistencies and imbalances in the finished product by combining a detailed sensory mapping of your coffee’s flavour universe with a thorough technical analysis of changes in bean weight, color and temperature throughout the roasting process. 

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