A cleaner roast

An often overlooked advantage to the Loring Roasters is their unique integrated incineration process, which produces neither smell nor smoke during the roasting process. So why do we offer a catalyst solution at all? We work with ReiCat to supply catalyst solution for other types of roasters as well as to help Loring users who want to eliminate the smell from the cooling process, which have become a challenge in some settings. ReiCat has a unique patent on a mix of materials for catalysts that make them effective already at 220℃, thus making them less costly to run and perfect for cooling air exhaust solutions


Fit to all existing roasters

ReiCat’s innovative air purifiers completely eliminates all odors and harmful gasses from any roasting process. With the ReiCat catalyst all micro particles, odors, smoke, plumes and hydrocarbons are converted into harmless substances such as water vapour and carbon dioxide. Due to the unque catalyst process ReiCat reduces the operating temperature from 650-750° to 220°, effectively cutting the  the energy consumption by 2/3. All models are equipped with ceramic honeycomb catalysts which are non-flammable and do not influence the roasting process at all. They are easily fitted to the exhaust pipe of all existing roasters, from handling batch sizes from 1 to 720 kg. 

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