The Smarter Roaster

It has been more than 15 years since Loring revolutionised the roasting world.
TCRC is proud to have been their exclusive representative for Europe, Middle East and Africa
since their debut on the world market. You will find a Loring Smart Roast
in the heart of all our roasting solutions. Because a smart roaster is the better choice.

Consistency and control

Traditional coffee roasters mostly apply the heat directly to the drum. This produces chipping and scorching defects and reduces your batch flexibility. A Loring roasts your beans with hot air combined with mechanical stirring. This unique convection system is not only more gentle on the beans, it gives you a higher level of control, allowing you to develop flavour profiles like no other roaster. Every Loring comes standard with intelligent touchscreen control. Create profiles with instant feedback to achieve the same high quality, roast after roast, even when changing batch sizes. Loring roasters give the groundbreaking control to create a single baseline roasting profile that can be run at different batch sizes, on any Loring roaster, with consistent results. Share roast profiles from roaster to roaster. Roast remotely, using the inbuilt network connectivity.

High performance, low impact

Save on fuel, save the environment. The single-burner convection design not only provides smoke free roasting, eliminating the need for an afterburner – it also gives you fuel savings of up to 80% compared to traditional roasters with afterburner.
A Loring never overheats and needs little cool down between roasts. Multiple single task motors mean you can cool one batch, while roasting another. The Loring is a smart multitasking workhorse with up to 50% higher capacity than a traditional roaster.

Batch flexibility

Roast anywhere between 20%-100% of batch capacity with consistent results. For example, the Loring S35 Kestrel with a capacity of 35 kg will thus roast any batch size between 7 and 35 kg with 100% consistent results. This allows you to explore new flavor profiles to dial in and scale up. Or keep your batches small for micro-lots or to fill special customer orders.

Built to last, designed for growth

The Loring is engineered to provide you with years of easy upkeep. The highest quality stainless steel gives maximum durability that resists corrosion, heat and chemical damage. A self cleaning hot stack and easy access to all cleaning areas without tools means this is the safest, most hygienic machine out there.
As your business grows, your Loring will grow with you. Simply add another roaster to your roasting line, or upgrade your Loring to a higher volume roaster. All your roasting profiles will function exactly like they did on your original machine.

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